Little Bottle of New Beginnings

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Little bottle of new beginnings gift – Small glass jar filled with gemstone chips specifically selected for new beginnings, a fresh start, new journey or venture.  Don’t forget its Free UK delivery on all orders.

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These super cute little bottles of new beginnings make great little gifts.  Perfect to gift to someone starting a journey in life, come out of a divorce, starting a new venture or business and so much more.

The gemstones have been selected for specific properties relative to a new beginning – Green Aventurine, Moonstone and Amazonite. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one that could use a little help, our little bottles of crystals look great and have the power to tell someone that you are thinking of them. 

Handmade products with UK sourced materials for quality & safety so buy with confidence.


  • Small 40mm glass jar
  • Cork stopper
  • Filled with tiny Gemstone chips
  • Green Aventurine, Moonstone & Amazonite
  • Specifically Selected to work together
  • Bottle is labelled ‘New Beginnings’
  • Tied with mint green cord 
  • Finished with a lotus flower charm
  • Attached to a backing card with stone information 
  • Blessed on our home altar

Green Aventurine

  • Attracts & creates opportunity
  • Brings good luck, career success & prosperity
  • Attracts money, wealth & luck
  • Promotes feelings of well being, stabilises state of mind, aids perception & increases perseverance
  • Helps guide us to see alternatives & new possibilities
  • Instils calmness, empathy & compassion
  • Boosts confidence, enforces decisiveness & independence.


  • The stone of new beginnings
  • Boosts creativity and helps inner growth
  • Helps to calm & balance emotions while encouraging love & hope
  • Promotes success & fortune in matters of the heart


  • Boosts self assurance helping to make decisions & changes
  • Also a bringer of success & luck

My wife is a qualified crystal healer and she will bless the little bottle on our home altar before dispatch.

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Please read our terms and conditions regarding natural gemstones. It includes information regarding colour, shape and size and a disclaimer covering properties detailed here.

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