Anxiety & Stress Gemstone Bracelet


Anxiety & Stress Gemstone Bracelet with single slide knot fastening and 8mm Natural Gemstones selected specifically for properties relating to stress, anxiety and depression.


This is a very relevant topic for so many people who suffer with stress, anxiety or depression on a daily basis. This anxiety bracelet was designed as a personal piece originally but we received so many requests for it that its now formed part of our store.

The gemstones have been selected for specific properties relative to anxiety, stress and wellbeing – Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine. Whether its for yourself or a loved one that could use a little help, these anxiety bracelets look great and tell someone that you are thinking of them. Anxiety Bracelet, Anxiety jewellery, stress jewellery, anxiety jewelry, stress jewelry

Handmade products with UK sourced materials for quality & safety so buy with confidence.


  • 1mm Brown Waxed Cotton Cord
  • Simple Knots between beads
  • Single Sliding Knot Fastening
  • 8mm Natural Gemstones selected for properties
  • Finished with 6mm Natural Turquoise Gemstones
  • Adjustable to fit most wrists
  • Presented on a card and sealed in a sleeve


  • Stone of the mind, releases stress, tension & soothes headaches.
  • Dispels anger, fear & anxiety

Lapis Lazuli

  • Balances all chakra’s & cleanses your aura.
  • Helps quite a restless mind and aids insomnia


  • A calming stone, increases strength & perseverence.
  • Said to banish fears & insecurities.
  • Relieves stress & anxiety

Green Aventurine

  • Clears mind to help see new possibilities & different outlooks.
  • Dispels anger & irrititation and increases well being

Rose Quartz

  • Calming & soothing that dispels negative energy.
  • Brings inner peace & reduces stress


  • Stabilises mood swings & promotes self realisation
  • Prevents panic attacks and is useful for combating depression

Backing card details the same stone information as detailed above making it a great gift for family and friends trying to this very real invisible daily struggle that so many of us suffer with.

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Please read our terms and conditions regarding natural gemstones. It includes information regarding colour, shape and size and a disclaimer covering properties detailed here.


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