5 Things Crystals Can Do For You

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5 Thing Crystals Can Do For You

Before we get started on the reasons why I’m just going to give you a little introduction to crystals.

Crystals are naturally grown in and around the earth, in caves and by hidden pockets of water deep under ground.  They are mineral deposits that if left untouched can grow to be huge, one of the largest on planet earth is selenite that can be as long as 10 metres and over a metre wide.  Quartz can naturally grow into beautiful pointed obelisks and many form clusters or geodes. Not only are crystals beautiful to look at and decorate your home with but they are believed to have power.  Crystals have been used in healing for thousands of years and by many cultures because its believed that they hold the Earths power and energy which can be transferred to us. 5 things crystals can do for you

Polished Crystal Tumble Stones

1 – Beauty

Crystals are beautiful, there is no denying that.

Whether its from natural growth like a geode or whether its been carved by humans into spheres or skulls, all are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make lovely decorations in our home and as jewellery.  Again crystals have been worn as personal decoration for thousands of years simply because of the beauty they hold and its just as popular today.

Cultures like Egyptians, Greek and Chinese all believe in the power crystals hold and it’s seen repeatedly in their history – the Chinese believe jade brings good fortune and blessings so even to this day they have it in their homes normally in a carved form, like a statue.

Why wouldn’t you want some of natures natural beauty in your home to look at. Buy some stunning jewellery or add a few carved crystals to your home. 

Below is just some of the jewellery that we offer – from left to right, top to bottom Anxiety Power NecklaceAnxiety Stress Cord Bracelet, Chakra Bracelet not yet added, Fibromyalgia Ring, and Fertility Goddess Keyring.

2 – Spirituality

No 2 of 5 Things Crystals Can Do For You.

Crystals are believed to have power that comes from the earth energy field, during growth over billions of years a small amount of energy is stored inside these beautiful crystals. Now if you were paying attention in physics at school energy can’t be created, it is only transferred like the energy of the wind processed and transferred to become electric we use in our homes. . The energy a Crystal holds can be transferred to you and vice versa.  We are only talking about small amounts of energy but it’s enough to affect your aura which in turn affects you. Many cultures have believed this for hundreds of years and used crystals in various ways to enhance life.

People who collect or use crystals believe that they are a gift from the earth. They believe that we are all connected to the earth and because of this the crystals affect our natural electric field using subtle vibrations to have huge impacts on our lives in the long run.

Its not a simple case of whether it works or not, its more about whether you believe – a question only you can answer.

If you believe then it automatically brings with it several benefits such as a connection to Mother Earth, a new found truth that we are all connected to each other and everything we touch, an enlightenment that people only tend to find in religion. Believing in the power of crystals is similar to that of believing in a god, you just know.

I, myself was sceptical at first and only wore gemstones as jewellery for the beauty but I stumbled across crystals by accident and after learning about them, fell totally in love and now they are a part of me. They changed my life forever for the better.

3 – Healing

No 3 of 5 Things Crystals Can Do For You

I am assuming if you’re still reading that you are either interested in crystals or already believe.

Crystal healing has been performed for centuries and is not a new thing.  There are crystal healing practitioners everywhere that channel the stored energy of the crystals to heal all kinds of ailments. Some more science for you – everything in this world is made up of atoms and that includes your thoughts, therefore every thought you have carries a tiny amount of energy so if those positive thoughts were focused on an aim they can be transferred to your crystals.  In the healing world this is called programming  or more commonly known as charged and it’s how healers use crystals to heal people.

Crystals also have specific properties that make then suited to a certain task, for example citrine is a financial stone and great for attracting financial success, its also used for a great many other things but if I was looking for some financial support it would be a citrine I’d choose to carry with me.

You can carry a crystal in your purse, or pocket, wear them as jewellery and pop one under your pillow to help with sleep.  

So many people ask if it works and my answer is always the same – know one really knows the truth, there is no scientific evidence to support or deny if it works.  I believe now but I didn’t before, when I didn’t I still carried them with me or wore them as jewellery.  Why I hear you ask if you didn’t believe they did anything, why would you do that?  Its simple, although I didn’t believe that they did anything, other people do and so I took the opinion when it comes to illness and ailments, they certainly can’t hurt to try.  I am also a firm believer in positive thinking, if you feel positively about something that can make so much difference to how things go, maybe the crystal does nothing but because you believe it does it will.

A little positive thinking goes such a long way to improving quality of life.

We have several customers that swear the fertility crystals in our fertility Crystal pack and our fertility wish bracelet worked for them after trying for years, other customers that can’t get through the day without our anxiety bracelet.  But we also have customers that don’t think they did anything at all and wear them only for the look.

4 – Meditation

No 4 of 5 Things Crystals Can Do For You

Meditation is an act performed to clear your mind and realign yourself  and reconnect with the earth.  

There are several of types of meditation like Thai chi and yoga which I’m sure you are familiar with.  There are several benefits to meditation to enhance your life – the first being its time for yourself, its something your do in peace and quiet for a minimum of 10 minutes so its a great escape from the busy household, work routine or the stresses of daily life.  Whichever meditation method you choose, just doing it for 10 minutes in the morning of each day will calm you and make it easier to face the rest of the day.

Mediation with crystals has just the same effect as other methods, its a calming and relaxing action that helps to clear your mind and tune back into yourself.  Whichever meditation method you choose, just doing it for 10 minutes in the morning of each day will calm you and make it easier to face the rest of the day.

5 – Cleansing

No 5 of 5 Things Crystals Can Do For You

Good bye to bad vibes.  

Like your body that collects dirt over time, so does your mind, aura and soul. We are taught from a young age to bathe and wash to rid our bodies of the dirt that collects naturally over time but no one ever mentions the mind or soul.  

Now obviously the dirt on your mind and soul is not like that on your body, its referred to as negative energy which collects from toxic people, negative life experiences and trauma. There are not many people that go through life being untouched by any of these negative things so just image how much invisible dirt that could have collected over the years !

Using crystals and simple techniques you can effectively wash this negative energy away, allowing you to move forward more lighter and carefree than before.  Its not until you cleanse it away, do you realise you were even carrying it. You can cleanse your home, your work place and yourself.  Certain crystals shield from negative energy so that you don’t absorb it which is useful if you work in a place that means you come into contact with lots of negativity or negative people.

We do mini kits that include all of the crystals and instructions required to perform a cleansing session on yourself – link under photos.

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