5 Minutes To Meet Meaningful Charm

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Welcome to our shiny new blog. We are kicking it off with 5 minutes to meet Meaningful Charm.

Are you interested in who we are, where we work and what we do?  If you are then come on in, grab a coffee, take a seat and peer into the world of Meaningful Charm.


Who Are We?

We are a couple team, Rachel and Craig that have been together for over 20 years.  We were supposed to get married February 2021 but had to postpone it due to covid, we have rescheduled for 2022 and hope covid will have gone by then for all of our sakes.

Working together from home.  Craig is actually a refuse collector (that’s the post term, us common folk say bin man) for his day job and works on Meaningful Charm in the evenings and at weekends. All designs, pieces and poems are created and made by one or both of us in our little home in Shropshire. 


Team Work – Rachel & Craig x

Where We Work?

We have a dedicated office in our home that provides the workspace for all the magic to happen, its the largest bedroom and holds everything from gemstone beads to post it notes.

When we first started Meaningful Charm in 2016, we used the box room but after far more success than either of us expected we have since outgrown that room and moved to the much bigger space in January 2019.  Both 2019 and 2020 has seen much more growth so its likely we will need to consider external space in the future as this room is filling up fast and its only a matter of time before we out grow it.


Home Office and where the magic happens

Quite an annoying room from a women’s perspective because it only ever looks clean for 5 minutes.  

The work bench is constantly covered in tools, completed orders or works in progress.  Every creation is like a scene from sister act with beads flying everywhere so you can only image what our carpet looks like after completing our days orders.  5 minutes to meet meaningful charm

We use every inch of space and use clever storage solutions so that we can lay on our hands on the required material for the task in seconds.

What We Do?

If you have seen Rachel at local craft fairs, or visited our Facebook page then you know we make jewellery and gifts with meaning.

It all started with Rachel making jewellery for herself or family to target specific problems or issues.  Rachel suffers with anxiety and stress so naturally that was the very first collection we started with, and since then from requests we have built up to now offer 6 collections.  Although we know the meanings because we work with these crystals all the time, many people do not so that’s why we decided to go for backing cards with stone information.  These also work very well for our wish bracelet collection as they enable lovely sentiments and messages for gifts to loved ones, something that is very important at the moment when you can’t give a physical hug.

The range is always growing and improving because we are also learning all the time.  Rachel is very interested in crystals and their power so she is currently completing a crystal healing course which when completed will allow her to charge the crystals with the intention for you.

You Got This Bracelet, Wish Bracelet, Support Gift
You’ve Got This Wish Bracelet Support Gift One step at a time, Wish Bracelet, Mental Health, Anxiety, Gift
Anxiety & Stress Bracelet, cord, stress jewellery, anxiety jewelry
Anxiety Stress Cord Bracelet Anxiety & Stress Bracelet, cord, stress jewellery, anxiety jewelry

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