About Us


Welcome to Meaningful Charm – our labour of love


I’m 37 years old and a bit of a cheeky chappy. I live with my partner Rachel in Shropshire and we have been together for over 20 years. My partners hobby became my business – she is very creative and loves to spend hours beading up a new creation. Meaningful charm was born because many of her creations are inspired by life, personal situations, feeling and emotions. I love to write so we combined the two interests to create our best selling carded poem jewellery. As I write more and she designs to match it we have an ever growing product selection that’s unique. 


I’m 36 years old and a perfectionist and workaholic. I enjoy making jewellery with meaning and was doing it as a hobby just for family and friends. My partner Craig decided they were good enough to sell and started his own business selling them. I suffer with anxiety amongst other things so I do tend to design a lot of pieces that fit well in this area.


Business Ethos

We spend hours on end sourcing the best quality materials so that you are not disappointed with your purchase. We think its very important to know what metal is being used especially with skin allergies these days. That’s why all of our findings are silver plated, gold plated or sterling silver purchased only from UK including ear wires, chain and even the jump rings because quality matters especially if it doesn’t cost the earth.

We also have a rule about order quantity – We limit orders received to no more than 20 orders per day because its important that each piece is finished to perfection. Too many orders mean that time on each piece is shortened and for our customers this is not acceptable. When you place an order with us your allocated your own time slot for the piece to be completed and we focus only on you for that whole time.

Because so many of the pieces are personal in terms of its meaning we feel connected to you, for example an order for a baby loss keyring makes us sad and we are thinking of your pain whilst processing your order. Each piece created is sharing the love and connecting the world one order at a time.

Every purchase is created with a lot of love, time and attention so that you are pleased with your order.


Besides doing regular local craft fairs and having an online presence we also have a small selection of particular products in a local shop @sunshinecelevrations in Wem. 

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @meaningfulcharm and TikTok @rachelscraftzone where Rachel gives behind the scenes views of how some of the products are made.